Welcome to My Country (2003-06) | When the Snake Whispers Your Name: Travels in the Netherworld

“A kaleidoscopic snapshot of the psychic life of the planet – funny, scary, and true.”

Welcome to the Netherworld – the world’s lost deserts, jungles and Arctic wastes – and the wild renegades, determined women, and sly rogues who thrive there.

“The original idea was carpets. We were going to follow a carpet dealer on his rounds through remote valleys of Kurdistan, but it didn’t work out that way.”

So begins a journey that takes writer Larry Frolick and photographer Donald Weber across three continents, to explore the unhinged backwaters of our stubbornly local subworld – explosive Middle Eastern deserts, hallucinogenic South American jungles and forbidding Arctic wastes. With impulsive zeal, the pair argues over reality with each other and everyone they meet – tribal chiefs and pageant queens, thugs and undercover cops, street dogs and other journalists – creating a kaleidoscopic snapshot of the psychic life of our planet – funny, scary, and true.

It’s a world of dispossessed, subversive, and appallingly innocent strangers – secret heroes all, whose escapades are both wildly entertaining and strangely revelatory.

Larry Frolick and Donald Weber won the Lange-Taylor Prize for Journalism.

Text by Larry Frolick; Cartoons by Steve Wilson

(01) Provocations (02) Utterances (03) Insinuations (04) Instigations (05) Investigations (06) Insubordinations (07) Inversions (08) Perturbations (09) Deviations (10) Anomalies (11) Incendiaries (12) Suggestions (13) Intimations (14) Inclinations. ︎︎︎Exhaust Fumes